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I was a teacher of special education (ages 5-11) for 25 years.   Each year we would do a unit on Thanksgiving.  We would study about the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving.  I would ask them to make a book of recipes that the Pilgrims might have used.  These are some that I saved.  Many words were not spelled correctly in their version but have been corrected here so it is easier to read.  In my class it was the thought that counted. 

The First Thanksgiving - Pumpkin Pie Recipe
1 or 2 large pumpkins
2 spoonfuls of sugar
4 pie shells
Cook at least 4 hours so the pie is really done.

The First Thanksgiving - Cornbread
4 loaves of bread
1 glass water
1 ear corn
Cook at 25 degrees for 5 minutes. This should be enough to feed around 20 Pilgrims and a few Indians.

The First Thanksgiving - Turkey
Chase 5 or 6 turkeys down
Take feathers off
Stuff turkey in oven for 24 hours at 5 degrees. 

The First Thanksgiving - Cherry Pie
300 cups of cherries
500 cups of sugar
2 spoonsfuls of flour
Cook in oven 24 minutes at 150.

The Story of the First Thanksgiving and Why We Have It

Once up on a time there were these bunch of people that came across the ocean.  It took them a couple of days.  They were getting away from someone and came here.  After they got here it was a bad winter.  They didn't have no idea why they came but knew they couldn't live without friends.  They tried to make friends with the Indians.  Not many of them liked them because they dressed funny.   One Indian helped them learn how to grow food like turkeys and corn.  He helped them plant them in the ground.  After some of the Pilgrims lived through through the cold winter they were glad.  They invited some Indians to come eat.   They thought it would be one or two but a whole bunch came to eat and they stayed forever.  All the Indians scared the Pilgrims but finally they came out to eat because they stayed a long time.  
The end.

The Story of the First Thanksgiving and Why We Have It
The Pilgrims came across the water.  I think it was a big lake or something.   After they got here they made friends with the Indians because there wasn't anyone else to make friends with. One day they wanted to have a big dinner. They asked the Indians to come too.  A big bunch of them came.  The Pilgrims had to fix a lot more food.  The Indians didn't know they know they they needed to go home right away.   The Pilgrims didn't want to make them mad so the Indians stayed a long time.   The Pilgrims went out and chased several turkeys and hams.  They cooked corn and beans too.  For dessert they cooked a pumpkin in a pie.  I don't know why I am writing about the Pilgrims.  I am from Mexico and don't think we have Thanksgiving with Pilgrims or Indians. The only thing I don't like about Thanksgiving is we can't come to school.  I like school. Mostly I like recess and lunch.

The First Thanksgiving by Joel
The Pilgrims came over on the Plumflower.  The came a long way on the ocean.  I think the ocean is a big piece of water.  The left so they could get away from mean people.  The Indians became friends and they asked them to come eat.  One or two were suppose to come to eat but several more came with them.  The Pilgrim mothers had to go to the store and get more turkeys and corn.  They cooked it and the Indians ate it even though they didn't know what it was.  We now have turkey every Thanksgiving because the store was out of ham.  I wished they had ham instead because I don't like turkey or pumpkins.
The End

The First Thanksgiving
The Pilgrims first lived somewhere and came to the United States to live.  They lived a long time on a ship then built a house for all of them to live in.  There were a bunch of them but I don't know how many. Some of them were nice to the Indians.  One day the Indians came to dinner.  There were too many Indians and not enough dinner.   Somebody had to cook more food.  All they could find were some turkeys and corn.  Everybody was happy and that is why we still have Thanksgiving.
Joe Ed

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