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Local Texas History

Panhandle of Texas
Panhandle History
History Makers of the High Plains - Amarillo Globe News
Potter County History
Randall County History
Canyon History
History of Pantex
History of White Deer
Texas Panhandle - Handbook of Texas Online
Panhandle, Texas
Panhandle Plains Museum - Canyon, TX
Texas, Beyond History - Red River War
Henry Bradley Sanborn - Father of Amarillo
Henry Bradley Sanborn
Henry Bradley Sanborn
History of Barbed Wire
History of Barbed Wire (invention)
The Development of Barbed Wire
Commanche Indians
Quanah Parker
Quanah Parker Biography
Quanah Parker Information
Quanah Parker - Handbook of Texas Online
Quanah Parker - Comanche War Chief
Quanah Parker to Governor Campbell (1909)
Historical Potter County
Red River War of 1874
Charles Goodnight - PBS West - Instinct for Direction
Charles Goodnight
Handbook of Texas - Charles Goodnight
Ranches - Charles Goodnight
JA Ranch
Old Timers (JA Ranch)
The Chuckwagon and the JA Ranch
Madator Ranch
XIT Ranch
XIT Ranch History
XIT Ranch
XIT and Barbed Wire
John V. Farwell (XIT Ranch)
Frying Pan Ranch - Handbook of Texas Online
Goodnight-Loving Trail
Story of Oliver Loving and the Goodnight-Loving Trail
Adobe Walls History
Battle of Palo Duro Canyon
Oil Exploration
Oil Boom of Texas
Discovery of Oil in the Texas Panhandle
East Texas Oil Fields
Spindletop Oil Field
Surviving the Dust Bowl
The Dust Bowl
1930s Dust Bowl
Dust Bowl
The Dust Bowl Days
The Dust Bowl
The Black Blizzard (Dust Bowl)
Dust Bowl, Can it Happen Again?
About the Dust Bowl
Dust Bowl WebQuest
Drought in the Dust Bowl Years
The people who uncovered Alibates
Kiowa Apache Indians
History of the Prairie Towns of Ivanhoe and Follett
Ogallala Formation in Texas
Horses and Plains Indians
Cal Farley
Texas Travel


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