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Welcome to A0K Teacher Stuff. The purpose of this site is to provide teachers, educators with resources to work with their students or children.  Daily happenings. What happened on this day in history, word of the day and more.

Today in History
Today in History Yahoo

KVUE Today in History
Cool Quiz History Today
Today In History - Library of Congress
On This Day in History
MSN Encarta on this Day
What Happened Today - History Channel

On this Day - New York Times
This Day in History Infoplease
History Today

Daily Stuff
Astronomy Picture of the Day

Earth Observatory Photos
NASA Photos of the Day
NASA Image of the Day
National Debt to the Penny
National Geographic Photo of the Day
NOAA Image of the Day
Washington Post Day in Photos
Wunderphoto Weather Photo of the Day

New York Times National News
Time Daily News Summary
Fox Daily News Summary
USA Today's Healthline

Dictionary.com Word of the Day
Information Please Word of the Day
Merriam Webster Word of the Day
Merriam Webster Word Game of the Day
New York Times Word of the Day
Oxford Dictionary Word of the Day
WordSmith Word of the Day
Yahoo Education Word of the Day
Your Dictionary.com Word of the Day

Daily Buzzword of the Day
Daily Word Jumble Puzzle
Denver Post Daily Crossword Puzzle
Cool Quiz Born on this Day
Excite Birthdays Today
Canoe Lifewise Daily Crossword Puzzle
Crossword Puzzle of the Day
Oxford Dictionary Daily Crossword Puzzle
The Daily Crossword Puzzle
Universal Crossword Puzzle of the Day
Dell Magazine Daily Crossword Puzzle
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
Newsday Crossword Puzzle
USA Today Crossword Puzzle
Sudoko Puzzle of the Day
Analogy of the Day

News Quiz of the Day
Official SAT Question of the Day
Test Prep Question of the Day
Excite Garden Tip of the Day
Cat of the Day
Pet of the Day
Dog of the Day
People Magazine Daily

Daily Cartoons
Calvin and Hobbs
Dick Tracy


Weekly Stuff
Time Pictures of the Week

Weekly Crossword Puzzle from Infoplease

Other Stuff
Current Members of the House and How they Voted

Crossword Puzzles for Kid (Kentucky Crosswords)
Scientific Crossword Puzzles
Old Farmer's Almanac
Moon Phases
Current USA Population
Current USA National Debt
Current World Population

Daily Lottery Numbers by State
Time Capsule (What Happened the Day you were Born)

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